Die Order Instructions

Customer must fill out online form and submit die line layout in vector format (preferably Adobe Illustrator).


To assist in a smoother and quicker die making process, customer should provide as much information as possible by completing all die order form fields, specifically information regarding the paper to be used with the submitted die lines. Duplo strongly advises all paper samples (printed or non-printed) be shipped to Duplo Headquarters (address below) for testing purposes. Please include your Die Order Reference Number when sending these samples to:

Duplo USA Corporation
3050 South Daimler St.
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Attn: Die Orders
Ref: (will be given after submitting the order form.)


Upon submitting the online Die Order form, you will receive your order confirmation with a Die Order Reference Number. A Duplo representative will be in touch shortly to discuss your die order submission.  Once both parties agree on die line layout(s), Duplo will provide customer with die plate making quote within 1 to 2 days.


Customer will then approve the die plate making quote by submitting a Purchase Order. Please indicate your Die Order Reference Number (from online Die Order confirmation). Customer may be required to submit payment along with Purchase Order before Duplo proceeds with the die plate making. Once Purchase Order with payment is received, die plate making requires 5 - 7 business days for completion.


Upon receiving the die(s), Duplo will test the die(s) with submitted paper samples. If testing is successful, Duplo will proceed to ship the die(s) out (usually a 1 business day after receiving the die(s)) to customer.